Accelerate Tech Places 3rd in the CRN Fast50


At Accelerate, we are redefining the business application development space, committed to delivering effective Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Azure solutions faster, cheaper and with less waste.

Join Our Team

We are an Australian-owned Microsoft partner thriving on customer success. By joining us, you get to be part of a vibrant team that puts the customer first and emphasises early and continuous user engagement. We believe in small teams, simplifying lines of communication, and focusing on modular application development, removing unnecessary features and complexities. You will benefit from our investment in your development through funding online training courses, Microsoft exams, and giving you the opportunity to be hands-on from Day 1. We encourage innovation, reward innovation and dedication, and provide opportunities to grow and learn, making Accelerate an ideal place to unleash your full potential. 


Our Culture

At Accelerate, we believe that our culture is the backbone of our success, fostering a vibrant and inclusive workspace where our team can thrive. Our ideal team members embody the following characteristics:

Approach and Attitude​

Our team members are self-sufficient, highly motivated, and work directly with clients with minimal supervision. They are good listeners, insightful questioners, and effective communicators. They comprehend the bigger picture, are diligent, and are driven by a client service focus. They are open to sharing knowledge, are visible advocates for our business, and are eager to seize opportunities to contribute to new projects and internal initiatives. They appreciate the freedom to explore their ideas for the benefit of our company and clients.


Our team members are proud problem solvers. The satisfaction derived from finding clever solutions and sharing achievements with their peers and clients is priceless to them. They are reflective and find gratification in their personal and professional growth. Monetary incentives are appreciated but the drive to create solutions and improvements for the right reasons—client success, effective use of tech, and company growth—is even more compelling to them.


Accelerate is a place of growth, both for our company and our team members. We believe that the growth of our team members is integral to the advancement of the company, and as such, we prioritise opportunities for professional development and career progression.


Our company's culture of growth, learning, sharing information, and problem-solving is attractive to those who aim to improve business outcomes for our clients using their skills and expertise. The potential for career advancement, mentoring opportunities, and encouragement to expand one's skillset are some of the aspects that draw talent to Accelerate.

Our Work Ethic

We value a hybrid work approach, mixing work-from-home days with in-office collaboration. We believe in clear and open communication, readily picking up the phone or initiating a Teams call to tackle crucial issues. We lead our clients through problem-solving and understanding best practices.

Our Fun Factor

We don't forget to have fun because what's life without enjoyment? We work hard but we also create space for relaxation and team bonding.

Work/Life Balance

We hold work-life balance in high regard. We understand that a happy team member is a productive one.


We aim to make ourselves indispensable. Through documenting our key processes and developing systems, we strive to become more efficient, reducing overhead and focusing on what really matters: delivering value to our clients.


We're industry experts and we only hire the best. Joining Accelerate means being a part of a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals. At Accelerate, we're more than just a team – we're a family committed to excellence and the success of our clients.