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Government Commercial Management

The pace of digital change and technology enhancements has brought about a profound transformation in the way individuals live, work, and interact. To remain relevant, government organisations are under increasing pressure to optimise their operations, enhance efficiency, and deliver exceptional service to citizens.

The Government Commercial Management application, built on Microsoft Power Platform, is a powerful tool that can help government organisations achieve these goals. By leveraging advanced technologies like AI and automation, the application simplifies and accelerates commercial activities, from procurement requests to invoice recognition and reporting. It enables teams to collaborate more effectively, improve compliance, and make data-driven decisions, leading to better outcomes. With its customisable features, user-friendly interface, and seamless integration with other Microsoft tools like SharePoint and Outlook, the Government Commercial Management application provides a holistic solution for managing commercial activities in a fast-paced, digital-first world.

Accelerate and automate commercial activities and procurement requests.

The Government Commercial Management application streamlines procurement requests, commercial activity management, invoice recognition, workflow automation, business intelligence and reporting. Built on the Microsoft Power Platform, the application comprises of various tools including Power Pages, Model Driven applications, AI Builder, Power Automate, and Power BI. The application provides an end-to-end solution to efficiently manage commercial activities and accelerate desired outcomes.

Benefits of Government Commercial Management

This innovative application, built on advanced technologies, simplifies and accelerates commercial activities by promoting collaboration, ensuring compliance, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Streamlined Processes

The application simplifies and accelerates commercial activities, such as procurement requests, by automating workflows and eliminating manual tasks. This streamlines processes, reduces administrative burden, and enhances overall efficiency.

Enhanced Collaboration

With built-in collaboration features, the application enables teams to work together, fostering communication, knowledge sharing, and cross-functional collaboration. This leads to improved coordination and better outcomes.

Improved Compliance

The application incorporates compliance measures, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements. By automating compliance checks and providing real-time visibility, the application minimises risks and promotes a culture of accountability.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Leveraging advanced technologies like AI and data analytics, the application provides valuable insights on commercial activities. Enabling government organisations to make informed choices and optimise resource allocation.

Seamless Integration

The application seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft tools, creating a unified and interconnected ecosystem. This enables users to leverage existing systems and data, enhancing productivity and eliminating data silos.


The application offers flexibility and customisability, allowing government organisations to tailor it to their specific needs and requirements. This ensures that the application aligns with existing processes and workflows, maximising its effectiveness.

Accelerating Success: Enhancing Efficiency with Our Tailored Approach

Key benefits of our approach include:

  • Customisation: The ability to customise our solution provides greater flexibility to better meet the unique needs of your organisation, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Portal Customisation and Source Control: The ability to customise the portal and manage source control allows for better collaboration, reducing the risk of errors. This results in greater efficiency and accuracy in managing commercial activities.
  • User Access and System Integration: The ability to connect and configure user access, allows for greater collaboration and communication, resulting in improved productivity and accuracy.
  • Training and user adoption: The ability to train users on how to use the system end-to-end ensures better adoption and utilisation of the system, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Approval Workflows: The ability to configure approval workflows enables better management and control of commercial activities, resulting in improved accuracy and compliance.
  • Reporting: The ability to import and configure Power BI reports provides better visibility into commercial activities, enabling data-driven decision-making and improving overall performance.
  • Testing and Deployment: The ability to test and deploy the solution into production ensures a stable and reliable system that meets the needs of the organisation.

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Accelerate Your Desired Outcomes

Clients choose us because we:

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